Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Aeroponic Veggie Garden ~ June 23 2010

I built a trellis out of bamboo and tie wire. I can't believe how fast the cucumber and tomato are growing. I'm not sure how tall cucumbers can get when staked vertically. I'm hoping I will be able to add on as it gets taller.

This tomato plant is a cutting from the outside patio plant. I took two cuttings and both sprouted roots. I planted one in the hydro container and the other I planted outside in a reusable grocery bag. I used organic potting soil. Both tomato plants are doing great. The hydro tomato is at 14 inches and the outside plant is only at 7 inches.

I found a small organic ever-bearing strawberry plant at the local market. I've been really curious about hydro strawberries. To make room for the strawberry I took out the lettuce and planted it in the outdoor garden along with the other lettuce seedlings. If the cauliflower doesn't smother it, I think it will grow nicely.

Patio Container Garden ~ June 20 2010

Hee hee I'm growing a pair of strawboobies!

So pretty!

The first ripe strawberry... yummy

Aeroponic Veggie Garden ~ June 20 2010

Aeroponic Veggie Garden ~week 1 / June 18 2010

My husband and I originally looked at buying a pre made aeroponic system that was all ready to go. Once we saw how easy they looked to assemble, we decided to try making our own.
  • We purchased a durable 18 gallon tote with a tight fitting lid, aquarium pump to spray the nutrient water up to the roots, an aquarium air stone to provide oxygen to the water.
  • We cut circles in the lid where we wanted the baskets to go.
  • I picked out which plants I was going to grow. The tomato plant started as a cutting from my container tomato. They are super 100's cherry tomatoes. The cucumer and three cauliflower were bought from the market in dirt pots. The lettuce I grew from a seed.
I gently washed the dirt from roots of the plants I wanted to transplant. I lowered the roots and plant in to the basket and held it where I thought would be the perfect position and then slowly filled the basket in with hydrogen clay pellets. The pellets hold the plant in place. The spray from the fountain keeps the roots drinking water at a constant steady pace.