Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Aeroponic Veggie Garden ~ June 23 2010

I built a trellis out of bamboo and tie wire. I can't believe how fast the cucumber and tomato are growing. I'm not sure how tall cucumbers can get when staked vertically. I'm hoping I will be able to add on as it gets taller.

This tomato plant is a cutting from the outside patio plant. I took two cuttings and both sprouted roots. I planted one in the hydro container and the other I planted outside in a reusable grocery bag. I used organic potting soil. Both tomato plants are doing great. The hydro tomato is at 14 inches and the outside plant is only at 7 inches.

I found a small organic ever-bearing strawberry plant at the local market. I've been really curious about hydro strawberries. To make room for the strawberry I took out the lettuce and planted it in the outdoor garden along with the other lettuce seedlings. If the cauliflower doesn't smother it, I think it will grow nicely.

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